Shelley Adler ad: “Free Agent”

NJ-3 challenger to Rep. Jon Runyan Shelley Adler released her latest ad today again with a football theme, a “free agent” for outsourcing. It shows a big, helmeted wrecking ball of a guy in a suit knocking people over at their workplaces, and literally soaking a family. Adler, at the end, makes an appearance to literally lift up one of the workers Runyan shoved. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. iwood

    But it’s the only competitive race in NJ, so if you want to put your money or volunteerism somewhere, this is the one.

  2. JackHarris
  3. deciminyan

    Jon Runyan is in favor of allowing states to determine whether or not to permit offshore oil drilling. New Jersey would probably never go for this, but other states like Virginia might. An Exxon-Valdez type disaster off the coast of a nearby state could result in oil gunk washing ashore on New Jersey beaches. Ocean County, which is in NJ-3 depends a lot on tourism, yet Runyan is putting that industry in jeopardy. I don’t understand why the Adler campaign is not picking this up as an issue to garner votes in Ocean County.


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