Scott, The Pizza Man

Scott, The Pizza Man iterally “lifted” our President.

Let’s help him continue to “lift” our country.

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg (Post author)

    the photo. It says it all!

  2. Rosi Efthim

    So let me Jerseyize this thing for a sec:

    1) The NJ Senate Majority Leader is still buoyed by a beautifully organized, message-driven convention at which she gathered women of the NJ Delegation together for a Jersey Girls Caucus that not only reflected  the support on women’s issues that Obama has, but also rallied Democratic women for the (likely) coming ballot box fight against Christie and new efforts to build a bench of women candidates like LD-16 special election Assembly candidate Marie Corfield to move up.

    2) Scott the Pizza Man told the President he’s a Republican crossing over to vote for Obama. I think we’ll see more of this. I just met one another today in Flemington, a Raritan Twp. resident who said she’s voting for the health rights of her young adult daughter, and for Obama’s “respect for higher learning and scholarship”.  

  3. bluescat1

    Try this with our Governor, on second thought Scott lives in Florida and we need every vote down there and I wouldn’t like to see him get hurt. Sorry I couldn’t resist.


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