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As speculation grows as to which democrats will actually toss their hats in the ring for 2013 and as I read the debate on Blue Jersey about a Booker candidacy, a few scenarios and a few questions ran through my mind.

I am pretty sure there can be little debate that the party bosses (Norcross, Adubato, et. al.) sat on their hands in 2009 to springboard Christie to the Governor’s Office.  It certainly seems to me that Christie has danced well with the bosses.  They have helped Christie achieve moderate legislative success and Christie in turn has thrown them a few favors thus enabling them to keep their political power.

A big question for me is why the bosses would want to get rid of Christie?  They seem to have a good relationship and are able to share power and influence.  It seems almost like a bromance.  From the outside looking in, I don’t see a need for a breakup.  I used to have a boss who would tell me all the time, “don’t fuck with a good thing”.  It is not a good thing for me or the vast majority of New Jerseyans, however for Christie and the bosses it seems like a pretty good relationship.

Keeping my theory in mind, how could the party bosses enthusiastically endorse a democratic candidate when they really don’t need one?  They don’t give a shit about democratic or progressive ideology.  Their only concern is maintaining power and privilege.  They have that now.

Why would candidates who have played nice with the bosses (Sweeney,Greenwald,Booker) want to run as a candidate when they know their machines are happy with the current arrangement?

Can candidates who are not boss affiliated (Buono,Codey,Bollwage) win an election without the support of the party bosses?   Are there enough disenfranchised ex Christie voters out there to tilt the scales enough to overcome the suppression by the bosses?  My feeling is yes, however it would have to be the campaign of a lifetime.  

Christie is beatable.  He is a fraud.  My fear is that he can overcome an election if challenged by a lackluster campaign or a campaign run by party bosses.

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  1. iwood

    Party bosses had no problem with Christie winning in 2009 because it meant Corzine lost.  They didn’t get anything they wanted from Corzine, so it was better to get scraps from Christie.

    That doesn’t mean they want him past 2013.  They’ll want to have input in prosecutors, judges, tax boards, state jobs, etc., etc., etc.

    So they do need a Democratic Governor for the spoils alone.  


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