News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

Et tu, Christie Whitman?

  • Criticism for Mitt Romney the candidate, who she says should be more like Mitt the MA Governor on environmental issues.

    Anatomy of Christie-Era Unemployment

  • Clean Energy.


  • Asm Burzichelli proposes bill to give doctors the right to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to patients who have less than 6 months to live.

  • Health care law’s fate in N.J. may wait till election.

    Democrats take a big swing at Gov. Christie’s little video

  • Charlie Stile says Wisniewski’s ethics complaint on the public event use of the partisan video of Christie made for the GOP convention looks petty.


  • Half of NJ districts lack adequate computers, Internet capacity.

  • The Bizarre World of Chris Cerf’s Brain.

  • Camden Board of Ed denies applications for ‘renaissance schools’.

  • George Norcross Isn’t Going to Like This ….

    NJ Supreme Court Decision Could Make It Tougher to Pursue Polluters

  • Court rules DEP must establish a cause-and-effect connection between potential polluter and contaminated groundwater.

    Campaign 2012

  • In NJ-3, campaigning is a full-contact sport.

    CEO of embattled Hunterdon Developmental Center retires

  • This is the institution where a doctor was giving potentially dangerous levels of Vitamin D to patients with developmental disabilities.

    Assorted Christie

  • “Town Hall” in Lacey Twp. today 3pm.

  • Christie, polling at 55%, has a style that doesn’t bother most Jerseyans.

  • Analysis: Christie’s affordable housing policy in flux.

  • Christie ducks a hard question.

  • Christie fends off the right.

    Oyster Creek’s future debated

  • Local officials & residents expressed economic and environmental concerns about a transition plan for the closure of the Oyster Creek Generating Station in 7 years.

    Right-to-farm vs. smelly sludge:

  • W. Amwell officials refuse to support residents’ petition about odors.
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