News Roundup and Open Thread

I’m celebrating Labor Day by posting the news roundup late. Tell us about anything you like in this open thread.

The Star-Ledger says everyone is talking about Cory Booker for Governor in 2013 at the DNC Convention. Sweeney is absent in the text but appears in the photograph.

Politico tells us Chris Christie is going to Iowa again. This time he is concerned about the state senate races there. Sure.

Despite good weather, it’s been a poor summer for shore businesses by all accounts.

Bob Braun looks at the constitutional amendment on judicial pensions.

The Times looks at Hoboken’s car sharing experiment.

The United Way says that more than a third of households struggle to make ends meet in New Jersey, much worse than the 10% poverty rate in official Federal statistics. Click through and read it.

One bright spot: It’s been a good year for trees.

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