Did you still need a reason to work for Barack Obama’s re-election?

From BuzzFeed, this item:

Rep. Scott Garrett Thursday became the first Republican to officially throw his hat in the ring to succeed Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan as House Budget Committee chairman next year if Ryan moves offices down Pennsylvania Ave after November’s election.

Fired up yet?

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  1. deciminyan

    The Hard Core Republicans have given up on Romney, but their strategy is to retain the House and get a majority in the Senate to stymie President Obama, even as the president implements policies that were once touted by the GOP. So working for Obama’s re-election is necessary, but we also need to defeat Republicans in the Congress. We can do our part by supporting (and working for) Upendra Chivukula and Shelley Adler

  2. Bill Orr

    Garrett would likely get the job as he is currently Vice Chairman of the House Budget Committee and a darling to conservatives.  

  3. tabbycat31

    And the DCCC’s targeted races are not the only ones that are winnable.  We need 25 seats to take back the House.

    For NJ, I know the Obama campaign probably wants you to call into PA or send you there for canvassing, but you can make a difference at home by volunteering for your congressional race.  (Says someone working on a congressional race in a ‘swing’ state and competing like crazy with OFA for volunteers).


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