Cutting Govt.? /Not on Christies Staff!

Christies Job creation plan really means that he has created jobs on his staff while the State unemployment rate remains high.

Read this please :…

Our ” small government” Governor has created a publicity staff that is second to none.ALL ON TAXPAYER MONEY!

His puppet mouthpiece Drewniak tries to defent all of this but it comes out as very self serving.

What a hypocrit!  

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  1. firstamend07 (Post author)

    I now assume that facts no longer have anything to do with statements that come from the Governors office.

    These people have become the ultimate ” spinners”.

    The ” fact” that the Governor has increased hiring in his own office while demanding cuts throughout State government ,and then justifying it by saying he needed to hire people to fire people is just palin STUPID!

  2. firstamend07 (Post author)

    The Governor can hire people to wotk in his propaganda department but the short staffing in his unemployment department is hurting people !

    What kind of person hies PR people instead of real workers who can help people?

  3. firstamend07 (Post author)

    The “teflon” Governor is not so on this issue.


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