Christie Stoops Even Lower Than Usual for Rep. Steve King

Rep. Steve King
OMG is that kibble in the bucket, Rep. King?

This week we learned that Gov. Christie will headline the “Defenders of Freedom” fundraiser in Sioux City, Iowa, making Rep. Steve King the latest in a long line of Republicans Christie wants to leave the state, and the state’s business, behind to campaign for. Yesterday in Haddonfield, Christie had to defend that decision. Christie rarely lets facts get in the way of his vigorous self-defense of whatever narrative serves him – he’s still talking “Jersey Comeback” and tax cuts for the rich despite NJ unemployment data, after all. But courting the right-flank brings Christie attention and money, so he’ll do it. He doesn’t discern where advancing his own brand is concerned.

Plus, as King said in a release, he and Christie bonded when Christie walked out on a House Judiciary Committee hearing he was called to testify before (video) on the lucrative monitoring contract to former US Attorney David Kelley, who let Christie’s brother Todd off the hook in a stock fraud case that hauled in indictments for 15 others.

Here’s the lazy-thinking national embarrassment Christie’s raising $$ for:

  • Terrorist sympathizer: Told CPAC he could “empathize” with suicide bomber who attacked a Texas IRS office. Urged audience to “implode” their local tax office.
  • Resents African-American president: Obama “favors the black person.”
  • Dogs: King defends dogfighting.
  • Teh gays: Same-sex mariiage is “a push for a socialist society”.
  • English as national language: King decries “modern multiculturalism” and says English is being “subdivided”.
  • Delusional/offensive: “Babies in garbage cans” prove health care reform is unconstitutional.
  • Holy Christmas: Legislation promoting Christianity. Ramadan and Diwali, not so much.
  • Fear-monger: Barack Obama’s middle name “matters” and al-Qaida danced in the street at his election.
  • Abedin conspiracy theorist: King backs allegations dreamt up by Michele Bachmann that Huma Abedin is tied via “her networks” to the Muslim Brotherhood, questioning the patriotism of Secy. of State Clinton’s top aide. Helping King right now is particularly odious given that this Governor knows Abedin had to be placed under federal protection after a New Jersey man threatened her after the conspiracy chatter (John McCain managed to see through the tea party bull, but he’s not running for president anymore).
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    1. deciminyan

      I wonder what King thinks about Christie’s appointment of a Muslim justice.


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