Christie Flip Flops On Romney’s Tax Returns

Capitol Quickies notes that Governor Christie has changed his tune in defense of Mitt Romney once again. It appears that he is not only campaigning for the “crazies” as he artfully put it, but now Christie believes Romney’s tax returns are irrelevant:

Last January shortly before Mitt Romney released one year of tax returns, Gov. Christie said Romney should release more returns and soon because full disclosure is better. Christie has changed his tune. Now he says “You don’t think anybody in America’s gonna make their decision upon Mitt Romney’s tax returns – that’s just silly.”

What’s silly is Governor Christie pretending this is about anyone but himself as he goes around the country supposedly stumping for Romney, while raising his own profile and laying the groundwork for his own future endeavors. The irony is, he’s actually on the campaign trail more than Romney at this point.

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  1. deciminyan

    At least in one respect, we are all the same as Romney – we all have to file tax returns. Few enjoy the process but most realize it is necessary to maintain the level of service that only government can provide. So if the governor thinks that voters don’t care about Romney’s approach to supporting the country that helped make him rich, he’s mistaken.

  2. Hopeful

    If it were silly, then Romney would release them. His staff’s professional opinion is that the returns would influence voters.  


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