Chivukula Releases his First TV Ad

As an engineer I’m supposed to look at facts dispassionately, but one of the reasons I like Upendra Chivukula is that he’s a fellow engineer. Engineers are problem solvers, and that’s what we need in Congress today. His first TV ad stresses this point. Oh, and by the way, another reason I like him is that he’s a genuinely nice guy – he always has time to answer my requests even though I’m not a constituent.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    Yes, I think Congress could probably use a few more engineers!

  2. Rosi Efthim

    I’m prejudiced, because I live with Joey Novick, the campaign manager for NJ-7 Chivukula for Congress. That said, Chivukula reminds me in so many ways of my old boss Congressman Rush Holt.

    Well-educated and a strong proponent of education and opportunity. Evidence-based and not merely ideological in his decisions. Thoughtful. Great sense of humor and connection to people. And like Rush Holt, a scientist.


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