Anatomy of Christie-Era Unemployment: Transportation

The Star Ledger ran an editorial yesterday with this screaming headline:

Editorial: Don’t blame Gov. Christie for N.J. unemployment

With all due respect, after 3 years in office how can you not hold him responsible on some level and go with that headline? Then there was this beauty of a paragraph following the headline:

Time for a reality check: Attacking a governor over his ability to create jobs over the short term is silly – because, truth be told, there’s not much he can do.

Hmm, not much he can do to create jobs.  Accepting funds for the ARC tunnel, which could have produced could have helped.  Lets see what the Star Ledger’s own Bob Braun had to say about that at the the time: (emphasis mine)

Ignored in all of this is what many people thought the ARC tunnel could have done for New Jersey. According to studies cited by the GAO, “During construction, the ARC project would have provided about 59,900 jobs directly onsite and total additional employment in the region of about 98,300 jobs.” A decade after completion of the project, one study estimated, the region would gain 44,000 new jobs.

The project could have “produced $9 billion in business activity during construction and $120 million per year in business activity over the long term,” the GAO reported.

“Studies also indicated that increased tax revenues would have resulted from the increases in economic activity from the ARC Project. The environmental study estimated that during construction, $1.5 billion in federal, state, and local taxes would have been generated.”

According to estimates, Christie canceled over 144,000 jobs and billions of dollars in business activity that could have created even more jobs. Their own columnists have pointed it out. New Jersey’s unemployment rate has gone from 9.0 to 9.9 percent in the last 5 months, a 35-year high three years into the Christie governorship. Yet given all of this information, the Star Ledger says don’t blame Christie and there’s nothing a little ole Governor could to help. Really? It’s pretty clear that what he’s done has hurt.

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  1. deciminyan

    Governor Christie’s refusal to move forward the process for wind energy has cost several thousand jobs in South Jersey while maintaining further dependence on dirty energy. So those 2,000 people can blame the governor.


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