A Wake Up Call for the Governor

Unlike Republicans who hope the nation’s economy fails so that they can continue to attack President Obama, Democrats are working hard at the state level to help New Jersey recover. Whether or not you agree with some of the compromises that the Christie-leaning Democrats have made in Trenton, their actions, albeit painful for the middle class, show that they are not stonewalling or trying to make the Governor look bad. But the governor’s “Jersey Comeback” remains elusive, and Christie needs to recognize this and ensure that all New Jerseyans do their fair share, not just the poor and middle class.

Figures released earlier today show that the state’s revenue last fiscal year was a quarter-billion dollars less than forecast. This should send a wake-up call to the governor. The current  budget has been balanced without any sacrifice from the wealthy. It’s time for the governor to man up, realize that the state’s fiscal crisis is still with us, and reinstate the modest tax increase on the wealthy – for the good of New Jersey and in the name of fiscal responsibility.

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