Tom Moran Forgets It Takes Two To Tango

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Tom Moran has, lately, been pretty good at holding Chris Christie’s feet to the fire, calling the Gov on his BS.  But today he backslid into the old bromance of last year.

It’d be nice if Christie took this opportunity to save the country.

Because what America needs most right now is a giant political compromise. And Christie is exactly the right man to make that case, in exactly the right spot, at exactly the right time.

Say what?  Christie is the right guy to deliver a message of compromise? And the GOP convention is the right place to do it? And the middle of a Presidential campaign is the right time?

No to all of those.  You know the evidence we have of that?  The 2008 campaign where Obama delivered a message of cooperation, bipartisanship and compromise.  He talked about working together, hope and change, etc. etc., etc.

And in response he got United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell saying, in the first weeks of Obama’s tenure of President, that his number one priority was ensuring Obama “is a one-term president.”

In return Obama got Rush Limbaugh praying for Obama’s policies to fail rather than help the country recover so Obama could be defeated in four years.  He got sitting US Representatives and Senators and Governors questioning his birthplace against all evidence.

So the GOP is not the right group to take that message to.  They’ve heard it and rejected it.  And Obama tried to do it in a presidential election four years ago, and it was rejected.  And Chris Christie who calls people who don’t do his bidding “idiots” and claims the NJEA is a terrorist group is not the right guy to deliver that message.

But the God of Equivalency is strong in Moran, so he has to say this:

But Christie could use this pitch to skewer Obama as a weak leader who has been unable to score the kind of bipartisan wins that Christie has in Trenton.

Sure, Christie and the Democrats in New Jersey have been able to cobble out some compromises but that’s because both sides are willing to work together.  That situation doesn’t exist in Washington DC, where the GOP declared war on Obama before he was even sworn in.  

But, again, the God of Equivalency is strong in Moran, so he has to say this:

To New Jersey eyes, the national Republican Party may seem a bit nuts, even before Missouri Congressman Todd Akin had his moment of inspiration on rape and pregnancy.

But it has a pragmatic caucus as well. Some Republicans are finally refusing to sign the Grover Norquist pledge against any tax hike. The Gang of Six in the Senate included three Republicans who backed tax hikes as part of a debt deal. And several Republicans on the Bowles-Simpson commission did so as well.

Moran’s evidence is that: 1) four or five Republicans, all of three in the Congress, are refusing to sign Grover Norquist’s blackmail; 2) three Republican Senators (half the Gang of Six) were willing to consider tax increases while every other GOP in the Senate voted against; and 3) a handful of Republicans on the Bowles-Simpson commission did the same, even though every single Republican on the Bowles-Simpson commission refused to sign on to the chairs’ report that called for tax increases.

So fewer than 10 Republicans are willing to consider maybe on an off chance that given the opportunity and the right situation a thought of voting to pass a modest tax increase in return for massive cuts.

And Moran sees this as a pragmatic caucus.

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  1. HurtPillow

    “Because both sides are willing to work together,” or bipartisanship is a bit of a misnomer because George Norcross is there to help Christie get his stuff powered through any democrat resistance.  Lets not forget the bromance with Sweeney as well.   That kind of cooperation is not what I’d call real compromise and bipartisan agreement.  


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