Robert “the Onceler” Gilman to be Appointed to the Bergen County Open Space Committee

You can’t make this stuff up.  In a complete flip of the figurative bird to the taxpayers of Bergenfield and tree lovers everywhere, the disgraced Bergenfield Councilman who ordered trees chopped down before the Green Acres hearing, who destroyed the Riparian buffer along Mezler’s creek  with his backhoe, and who oversaw the construction of a building in the stream buffer of Mezler’s Creek, in full violation of the Flood Hazard Control Act, THAT GUY – is on the agenda tonite in Bergenfield to be appointed to the Bergen County OPEN SPACE Committee.  

Excuse me, but I thought the whole idea of the Open Space Committee was to PRESERVE open space. So why is the Bergenfield Council about to appoint “The Onceler” to the Open Space Committee? Good question, I’d love to hear Mayor Tim Driscoll answer that one.

You can find the appalling agenda Here:…

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  1. carolh (Post author)

    Councilman Robert Gilman to the Bergen County Open Space Committee.  A guy with ethics charges against him for crimes committed against the environment. Unbelievable.  


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