Questions the National Media Should Ask Governor Christie, but Won’t

Next week, Governor Christie will bask in the biggest national spotlight he’s had since he excoriated teacher Marie Corfield in one of his earliest YouTube events. It’s an opportunity he relishes, and it’s also an opportunity for the national media to provide a balanced view of the true Chris Christie to the American voters.

Here are some questions I’d like to hear asked by the national media:

  • Do you support the so-called “pro-life” GOP platform that prohibits abortion in all instances including rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is in peril?

  • New Jersey lags the nation in job creation. Do you regret cancelling job-creating programs to improve infrastructure (like the ARC tunnel) and reduction in public safety personnel in high-crime urban areas?

  • You vetoed a Marriage Equality bill based on your personal beliefs. Should personal beliefs trump equal rights for all New Jersey citizens?

  • Some of your GOP colleagues have introduced voter ID legislation just weeks before a major election. Even if you support these voter suppression efforts, shouldn’t any such changes to election eligibility be done with as much advance notice as possible to allow voters time to obtain the proper credentials?

  • Your record on the energy and environment is mixed, at best. While you supported some renewable energy initiatives, you also took New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – an initiative that promotes clean air and creates jobs. Your action was taken right after a secret meeting that you had with the Koch Brothers. What influence did they have on your decision?

  • Do you support or reject laws that would restrict the possession of assault weapons? Concealed carry?

  • Many of your GOP colleagues oppose teaching evolution in schools. Do you agree with them?
  • Blue Jerseyans – what other questions should the national media ask him? Leave your suggestions in the Comments section

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  1. A.V. El-Hepta

    Ask the governor – You vetoed a bill that would improve oversight in the halfway house business. Your political colleague, Mr. Palatucci makes money from privatized halfway houses. Since there’s an appearance of a conflict of interest, shouldn’t you be promoting more, not less, transparency?


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