On the ground in Charlotte

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The Republican convention is now over and the attention will turn to the Democrats.

It’s an exciting time here in Charlotte as many of the staff members for the New Jersey Delegation have arrived and have been putting together everything for the upcoming convention.

Throughout the convention, we will try to keep people updated and try to give you some of the feeling for the 2012 Convention.

There are over 200 delegates attending from New Jersey and this is the most diverse delegation in recent memory.

You can follow along with the hashtag #NJDNC for our delegation and #DNC2012 for the national party.  

You can follow along with the State Committee account itself at @NJDSC, the NJDSC Communications Director Alicia at @NJAliciaD, or on my personal twitter feed @Jason_Springer.

No doubt plenty of other New Jersey Democrats will be putting out updates on their social media platforms as well including many familiar faces here at Blue Jersey.

We will also be updating the NJDSC Facebook page regularly with photos, videos and more. You can find that by clicking here.

We will keep you updated throughout the week and you can see a video timelapse of the transformation of the hall for the convention below the fold.

The local NBC affiliate posted this video of the transformation of the hall for the convention.

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  1. carolh

    Proud you are representing us down there. You all are the reason we still live in a blue state!

  2. brendanod

    to see how prevalent the labor boycott/picket will be.  If you could report on that I would appreciate it.


  3. carolh

    are better off because of President Obama, you can tell them about me. My small business income was cut in half just before Obama took office when housing construction crashed in 2008.  Despite that, it was the First Time Home Buyers credit that allowed my fiance and I  to buy our first house, and it was the stimulus that allowed me to keep my business because of the public infrastructure projects that the stimulus funded.  My business has increased slowly but steadily and my business taxes have been lower than ever.  I can honestly say, this small business owner is better off than 4 years ago, and it is thanks to President Obama. I have a new house and my engineering business survived the crash of 2008 specifically because of the stimulus bill. I WILL be voting for him enthusiastically.  


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