News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, August 13, 2012

“So the Ryan budget is a fraud;

Mr. Ryan talks loudly about the evils of debt and deficit, but his plan would actually make the deficit bigger even as it inflicted huge pain in the name of deficit reduction. But is his budget really the most fraudulent in American history?      

Yes, it is.”

                                                  – Paul Krugman of Princeton, NJ, April 2012

Is this credible?

  • An item in NYPost by Josh Margolin, who used to cover Jersey politics for Star-Ledger, says the reason Christie wasn’t picked was that he refused to resign as NJ Gov. But Paul Ryan isn’t resigning; he’s on the ballot both for his congressional seat & VP. Is this really the reason Christie wasn’t picked? Or is this just face-saving?

  • What next for Christie?

  • Christie, coveted as GOP fundraiser, faces busy campaign season.

  • Once hyped as VP contender, Christie now appears forgotten.

  • How Romney picked Ryan over Christie & others.

  • Romney’s VP choice limits Christie’s options, shapes governor’s race.

  • Christie quiet, as other GOP politicians push ticket.

  • Christie continues to lie low after VP pick – no public schedule.

    Romney Ryan

  • You thought Christie was bad for women?

    Christie critics decry recent vetoes

  • Standing in the way of government transparency.

    Star-Ledger says what Chris Christie has failed to

  • Assemblyman Schroeder should resign.

    The power to appoint

  • It’s good to be governor.

    Celebration of unity, organized by 2 groups who can’t unite

  • India Day split into 2 parades after dispute between Woodbridge, Edison groups.

    Jobless in Jersey

  • We’re at 9.6% unemployment now, a 2-year high. July figures coming Thursday.

  • NJ jobless are running out of unemployment checks.


  • An editorial howl against home rule (Star-Ledger)

  • The hospital charity care conundrum. (Joel C. Cantor)

  • Experts: NJ sports betting legal challenge no slam dunk.

  • Is this a good idea? Exempting Olympic medal winners from paying taxes on their cash honorariums?
  • State looking to modify rules on building offshore wind farms.

    Tea Party people – so confused about history & math

  • Anna Little claims she made history in her 2010 run against Pallone.

    FBI has binder of evidence in case against Trenton Mayor Tony Mack

  • Thick binders. With records, paperwork and photos.

  • Mack looks to sell; activist expects slumlord to buy.


  • Bob Braun contrasts American Federation of Teachers (AFT, AFL-CIO) and leader Randi Weingarten against NJEA, and its declining political clout.
  • Accreditation issue leaves Kean University’s China campus on shaky ground.
  • Tenure reform: The debates ahead.
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    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      On the Ryan pick, this, also by Krugman is also worth a look.  

    2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      And worth your read on the halfway house veto, particularly since Asbury Park Press hardly ever calls out the Governor:

      Christie putting his cronies first.

      h/t firstamend07

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Leaked by one of Chrisite’s lackies to save face.  Christie wasn’t going to be picked whether he resigned or not.


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