Engineering an Upset Victory

Many of the problems facing America today are self-imposed by the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. It’s clear that in order to restore America’s economy, improve its schools, reclaim the mantle as a leader in technology and science, and improve living standards for all Americans, the Republican stranglehold in Congress must be removed.

It’s a big task. Twenty-five seats will need to flip in order to release the Boehner/Cantor grip on progress.

Here in New Jersey, there are at least two House races that are going to be uphill battles for the Democrats, but with some hard work and good GOTV campaigns are winnable. One, in my home district (NJ-3), is the candidacy of Shelley Adler, who is running against Republican lap dog Jon Runyan. Another is the race in the 7th District, where Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula is challenging two-term congressman Leonard Lance.

At one time, Lance was considered a moderate Republican, but that term has become oxymoronic. Over the last couple of years, Lance has embraced the extreme Tea Party agenda and has become part of the problem in impeding progress. As he mentions in my video interview below, Chivukula has been trained as an engineer – a problem solver – and is the right person to replace Lance.

Yesterday, I spoke with Chivukula on why he’s running and why he’s the best man for the job.

As you can see from the video, we taped this in a restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise when after the interview concluded, the patrons at nearby tables broke out in spontaneous applause.

Disclosures: I am a Democratic committeeperson (outside of Chivukula’s district) and am actively working on Shelley Adler’s congressional campaign. Blue Jersey’s Joey Novick is Chivukula’s campaign manager. Promotional consideration was provided by Akbar Restaurant in Edison, where this interview took place.

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