Blue Jersey Focus – Assemblyman Joe Cryan

“The Courage to Speak Out”

That’s an attribute Assemblyman Joe Cryan says he admires. But he’s also the epitome of this philosophy – often paying the political price. Once part of the Democratic leadership in Trenton, he’s now somewhat of a pariah within his own party because he insists on adhering to Democratic principles rather than political expediency.

I spoke with Cryan earlier today at a law office in Union. We talked about his joining with Michael Patrick Carroll to vote against the Constitutional amendment to limit judges’ benefits, his political philosophy, the travails of Assemblyman Schroeder, and Cryan’s favorites to challenge Chris Christie in 2013. Cryan excoriates both the Governor and, when deserved, his fellow Democrats.

I’ve interviewed lots of legislators, mostly Democrats, and I like and would support most of them. But Cryan is a more refreshing breed. He doesn’t dance around questions, and is as blunt and to the point as his counterpoint, Chris Christie, but without being obnoxious about it.  If you don’t know Joe, watch this video and be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. firstamend07

    Some good things to say but he seems to blame every failing on the Southern Democrats.

    He keeps talking about being unified but it seems he only wants a unified Democratic voice if it happens to be a North Jersey voice.

    Comes across a little ” jilted”.

    To his credit he was the person who did ask the very tough questions at the Halfway House hearings. But asking questions is one thing. Getting results is another. I for one will be watching how he handles the ” follow up” from now on.  

  2. Babs NJSD

    Whether we may or may not agree 100% with his opinions and conclusions, there is a lot of common sense , a lot of clarity and passion and he articulates a lot of what the Democratic party stands for!

    thanks for posting the interview with one of the “good” Jersey Guys!


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