TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for July 27, 2012

Stormy wow last night.

Roller coaster. Bird. Splat.

Chris Cerf confirmed – questions remain about transparency, ethics, privatization, union busting

  • New Jersey Education Commissioner.

  • Weinberg questions Cerf on his ethics.

  • For Cerf, 18-month wait ends in 4-hour hearing.

  • Pushing the ethics envelope.

    Were you worried about Philip Kwon when he didn’t make Supreme?

  • Christie made sure he landed well – a plum job at Port Authority.
  • Christie vetoes efforts to make Port Authority more transparent, accountable.

    Cory Booker hints at challenging Christie, or a Senate run

  • To a friendly crowd in Fair Lawn.

    Lautenberg to offer gun control amendment next week

  • Meanwhile, Christie still maintains those trying to stop future Aurora-style massacres are “grandstanding”.

    Chris Christie’s Regret

  • Can’t stop talking about how ready he is to run for president in 2016 – you know, the one where Romney hopes to be running as the incumbent. (Kornacki, Salon)


  • For VP option, Christie’s star may burn too bright. (NPR, All Things Considered)

    Assorted Christie

  • Brings the road show to LBI.

  • Weinberg: “Christie’s summer schedule of self-promotion”.

  • Christie v. Christie on the increase in unemployment.

  • He’s outta here again next month to Cali for Mitt.

    Marriage Equality: The Cost of Delay

  • Somebody show these numbers to our governor who says he’s so fiscally responsible.

    Christie Doesn’t Budge on Greenhouse Gas, Vetoes Initiative Again

  • Christie says his administration has done enough on this.


  • Christie Vetoes Cleaner Air, Jobs & Economic Boost for NJ – for 2nd Time.

  • NJ awaits advice on halfway house overpayments.

  • Move to hike judges’ pension pay-in advances.

  • State says it will use $$ it confiscates from trust funds for affordable housing.

    Greenwald sending smoke signals?

  • Message & Media has been getting $5k/month from him for the last year.

    And in the WTF corner …

  • In a startling move, the Christie administration’s Department of Environmental Protection is proposing to remove portions of Barnegat Bay from an official list of waterways targeted for special cleanup efforts, a move which could stymie any efforts to remediate what many environmentalists consider a dying body of water.

    Meanwhile, over in RealityLand, here’s news 2 weeks ago: Rutgers study says Barnegat Bay ecosystem will continue to decline unless development, runoff decreases.

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    1. deciminyan

      Sorry I wasn’t at the Cerf hearing, but it seems to me that the senators were pre-occupied with his residency rather than his qualifications or educational philosophy. Why do we need senatorial courtesy on these appointments? Enabling one senator (from either party) puts an unnecessary roadblock on a governor (from either party) in filling key executive and judicial positions. The Senate should judge these folks on their merit, not on where they choose to live.

    2. iwood

      ’cause Christie ain’t running if Romney loses.


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