News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, July 19, 2012

Behold the weather watchers, “citizen science at its best”.

TODAY 2pm: State House hearing on privatized halfway house scandal

  • Escapes. Wide-spread violence and drug use. Gang activity. Senate Legislative Oversight today begins their review of the problems and public safety risks of the NJ halfway house system, most run by CEC. Christie is himself closely tied to CEC, and has already made an effort to curb the legislature’s oversight of the system.

    This is how it’s done, New Jersey

  • NYC to Wal-Mart: F*¢k you.

    Top Democrat Joins Debate Over Outside Money in DOE

  • What it means that Blue Jersey’s own Loretta Weinberg is using OPRA to try and determine who’s paying for what jobs in the state Department of Education.

    Blue Jersey Focus

  • Senator Barbara Buono.

  • Adam Gordon of Fair Share Housing Center.

    Christie’s tax cut talk falls flat with NJ voters

  • Star-Ledger thinks a 54% approval rating means voters are “smitten” with Christie. If they can’t do the math, voters can, and they’re rejecting Christie’s tax cut talk in droves. (Star-Ledger)

    Christie lands keynote gig

  • Will be fun to watch Christie try to reframe the increasingly pock-marked Mitt.

  • Christie convention talk premature, GOP says.


  • Romney team’s put off by Christie’s insolence & tantrums. Maybe they want somebody more like Romney? Romney/Box of Saltines ’12? Romney/Bendable Straw ’12? (Vanity Fair)

    Christie as keynote, not VP: Good call by Romney. (Star-Ledger)

  • The case for Christie as VP.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Chris Christie, Essentially Free from Scrutiny of Potential V.P. Spotlight, Slacks Off or Whatever. (Vanity Fair)
  • Is Christie a bully? New Jerseyans cite a negative view of his career prospects out of state.
  • Outta state again for Romney, Christie goes pit bull on Obama blah blah blah.

    After the raid on Mayor Tony Mack’s house

  • Trenton notables, critics, and supporters react to the Mayor Tony Mack FBI investigation.

    Law toughens penalties for fatal distracted driving

  • Drivers who kill someone while using a handheld cellphone can now be charged with vehicular homicide.

    If Christie nominates Lee Solomon to NJ Supremes

  • his brief time in the NJ Assembly, and the law-and-order bills he proposed, are good research.


  • Without explanation West Orange school board places superintendent on leave
  • Teacher ratings to remain hidden.


  • Rutgers raises in-state tuition 2.5%.
  • JCP&L gets called into the woodshed by BPU.
  • Hunger Gains.
  • Feds probing toll increases on Delaware River bridges.
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