Halfway House Hearing at Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee

The hearing at Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee on the troubled – and troubling privatized NJ halfway houses is just beginning.

Senate Legislative Oversight hearing was last week.

Want to follow along?

NJ Legislature media page is streaming the hearing live. It just began.

You will need Windows Media Player. You can download that free with the link at the bottom of the legislature’s media page. Hearings typically start late. Refresh the page often. When the hearings begin, the ‘Pending’ status will change to ‘Watch’ (video) or ‘Listen’ (audio). And yes, the system does crash, try to reload if it does.

Twitter: @BlueJersey. We will also be live-Tweeting at least part of the hearing.

Blue Jersey’s 7-part CEC coverage here.

Sam Dolnick’s widely-read 3-part series Unlocked that kicked off the new efforts at legislative oversight of the public safety hazards of allegedly poorly-run privatized facilities – most run by the company Gov. Chris Christie has close ties with, Community Education Centers (CEC).  

Comments (2)

  1. firstamend07

    Unlike Senator Gordon ,Assemblyman Mainor went right after Christie and Lanigan.

    Hopefully the gloves will be off and some answers will be given.

  2. firstamend07

    Assemblyman Cryan was ” shocked” that Clancy did not show up.

    Most were  shocked HE DID SHOW UP  at the Senate Hearing.

    Of course ,atthat hearing he told Senator Gordon ” where to get off” during Clancy’s opening statement.

    This whole thing stinks and the public is just getting its first wiff!


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