Chris Christie ‘YouTube moments:’ 5 million hits & your tax dollars at work

Chris Christie’s a little too in love with himself. It’s a little icky.

We noted this morning that clips of Christie’s bull-in-a-china shop act aired by Nightline weren’t compiled by them but provided by Christie’s office. Strange, he left off some of his most revolting name-calling (the worst of which he seems to reserve for women and veterans). But they were working those clips. And today, Christie sent the press a 4-minute compilation of himself behaving rudely to the people he serves. Like it’s a good thing.

On your dime. There’s something preening, and grossly self-congratulatory about trying to popularize juvenile behavior you wouldn’t tolerate in a 13-year-old boy. It makes more sense as a fundraising gimmick to light up the yacht crowd than it does for New Jersey consumption. Given that it’s all of us he insults.

Watch Christie’s preening little video, below the fold.

5 million views? Well, more than 1 million of those views are off one video, the first time Christie’s video gotcha team tried to work somebody over – teacher Marie Corfield, who dared to speak up about middle-class jobs and defunding of public education. He saw his moment when she reacted to his phony-baloney denial of his obvious attitude towards public education. And his stacked audience egged him on. It’s not easy to speak truth to power. And Christie directs taxpayer-funded resources at his disposal to film when he tries to humiliate somebody. Then they pump those videos out, driving web traffic, creating an audience for the next “Town Hall” (who’s today’s victim? got popcorn?) in an effort to intimidate anyone else who might dare to cross him.

It’s a very skilled propaganda machine. Like being governed by a right-wing radio host who turns your microphone off and his up. And he’s not only proud of it, he’ll shop it out, brag about it, and never miss a trick to get you to look at him showing off. Don’t miss the Christie show. You paid for it.

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  1. Jersey Shore John

    Chris: Hand your ice cream cone to a flunky before the cameras start rolling. Just sayin’…

  2. Jersey Shore John

    Chris: Hand your ice cream cone to a flunky before the cameras start rolling. Just sayin’…


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