“Cerf Day” and Other Events This Week

Under the “Other Events” Category: I am invited to headline the Monmouth County Democratic Organization Fundraiser tonight at the West Park Avenue Recreation Center in Oakhurst. The progressive newly elected County Leader, Vin Gopal, is working hard to bring renewed life (and a few dollars) to the organization. I’m looking forward to seeing some BJ folks there from 7 to 9 this evening.

Under the “Cerf Day” Category: Senate Judiciary Committee meets on Thursday, July 26 at 10 a.m. Lots of appointments to boards and commissions on deck, but the “main event” will be the Committee hearing on “Acting” Commissioner Chris Cerf’s appearance to remove the “Acting” from his title. No shortage of questions for this nominee. Charter school standards and regulations; charter authorizers; virtual charter schools and/or  “hybrid” charter schools; the rest of our school system (remember them?); school funding formulas; selection of state run school superintendents, etc., etc. You can tune in to the hearing on your computer.

Assembly will also hold a hearing on the state contracted halfway houses today. After this hearing, hopefully the Assembly and Senate Committee chairs will meet and discuss the necessary steps to institute proper accountability measures.

I’m actually rooting for a real Jersey Comeback. But a little reality is setting in. Our unemployment rate has crept up to 9.6%, and that’s without increasing taxes on all those “job creators”. Star Ledger ran an interesting article, chart and all, putting an end to the Christie (Republican) myth about lower taxes producing more jobs and a better economy. They reminded us of Mr. Christie’s challenge to the Governor of Connecticut when he raised taxes on the rich in his state. Our Governor said he’d be waiting at our border for all those fleeing Conn. It didn’t quite happen that way and Connecticut is actually doing better than we are at the moment. Hey Governor Christie, I do want New Jersey to “come back”. But we need the money to invest in out schools, roads and infra-structure in order to keep our state attractive for all those businesses that do create those jobs.

And Note to Governor: We can start celebrating some of those institutions we already have that actually produce those scientists, mathematicians, and engineers we need for those high tech jobs! Check out the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I visited there last week and continue to be impressed with the brilliant young minds we have working and studying there.

Aurora, Colorado Tragedy, and why can an individual buy so many rounds of ammunition on line?  How can a person in our country build such a stockpile  of semi-automatic weapons, and canisters of chemical compounds? We need federal leadership here. President Obama? Governor Romney?

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  1. firstamend07

    Did the Department  of Corrections ever respond to the detailed letter you sent?

    If not, are you surprised?

    If so,are you surprised?  

  2. Galton

    Senator Weinberg,

    What has changed since Acting Commissioner Cerf  declared his bi-residency? Did Senator Rice sign off? Did Mr. Cerf move again? If not, has Senatorial Courtesy been eliminated?

    Please explain and then research the background and lack of ANY accomplishments in education for Mr. Cerf ( See Edison Schhols, NYC teacher evaluations, NYC test score manipulation, Florida Pension bailout, Global Advisors home address and more)

    Thank you

  3. Rosi Efthim

    Wish I could join you at the Monmouth Democrats fundraiser tonight – Vin has been helping progressive candidates move forward for as long as I’ve known him – years. Some of the best people I know are Monmouth Dems and Monmouth DFA folks. I can’t wait to see what Vin can accomplish leading the Dems, rocking the vote, and lifting everybody’s expectations. Thanks, Senator, for lending your firepower to the Monmouth Crew tonight.

    Go, Vin!

  4. HurtPillow

    How he plans to implement to help ALL children, not just those who go to a private or charter school.  Employee sanctions have not been shown to increase outcomes.  What is his plan for ALL public school students?


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