Blue Jersey Focus – Senator Barbara Buono

I met with Senator Barbara Buono in Edison yesterday to discuss some current issues. In this interview she talks about (among other things) “The Ghost Entity”, why the two weeks after the November election are extremely important, why it’s taking so long to implement a law that helps sick people, the governor’s destruction of the integrity of our judicial system, and of course property taxes. She even lauds a Republican New Jersey governor (not the current one!)

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  1. Carl Bergmanson

    It’s always interesting to get Senator Buono’s take on things –

    One note about the production itself – the Senator’s audio was fine, but the interviewer’s audio was very muddy (which is much better than the reverse).

  2. Jersey Jazzman

    She looks & sounds like a governor to me! Just saying…

    Also, the sound is fine for me. Sen Buono is on the left channel, and interviewer is on the right.

  3. zi985

    ’nuff said


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