Assemblyman McKeon on the Governor’s Environmental Record

Earlier this year, shortly after what was to be a secret meeting with the infamous Koch Brothers, Governor Christie announced that he would withdraw New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). As Assemblyman John McKeon explains in this interview, RGGI is a consortium of eastern states with a goal to reduce greenhouse gasses (carbon emissions). After Christie bowed down to the pollution lobby, the legislature voted to compel the Governor to reverse his egregious decision. Of course, the Governor vetoed that legislation.

Assembly McKeon explains why this veto is foolhardy – not only because it works against the goal of breathable air and mitigating the effect of man-made climate change, but because the Governor’s veto is detrimental to the economy and the creation of much-needed jobs. McKeon also talks about Christie’s evisceration of the Department of Environmental Protection.

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