“A statistically significant drop” goes completely unreported

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Someone needs to explain this headline in the Star Ledger for me:

Gov. Christie is no less popular than he was 2 months ago, poll says

Ok, so that is the headline.  Then I went to look at the poll which supposedly “says” this and found that Christie currently has a 54% approval, where as two months ago he had a 57% approval.  And the month before that, he was at 59%. In fact, they never even mention those numbers outside the current 54% in the story. That fact did not escape Pollster Patrick Murray, who also questioned the headline, first tweeting:

54 and 57 are now the same number? | Gov. Christie no less popular than 2 months ago, poll says

Then he followed it up with this:

Except that he is, according to that poll. Down from 59% in April to 57% in May to 54% now – a statistically significant drop

Just to be clear, the pollster who does this stuff for a living says it is a statistically significant drop.  The media outlet that is supposed to report that news says it’s no change. Just sloppy.  

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  1. brendanod

    Continuously baffles me.  Quite often they will run an editorial that is spot on and also conflicts with Christie’s agenda (like lampooning his boardwalk behavior or stealing COAH money).  The next day they will run an editorial apple polishing a bad Christie policy (usually education related).

    Nick Acocella, on this week’s NJTV “Reporter’s Roundtable”, brought up another crazy SL incident (which I also found weird).  The (front page) headline they ran a week or so ago about the allegations that Sen. O’Toole  threatened judges with their careers over the Paula Dow appointment then only to run an editorial a few days later questioning the legitimacy of the same allegations.

    The inconsistencies of their reporting and editorials can only lead one to question the competence of the editorial board.

  2. Couch Potato Politics

    Expecting the Star Ledger to dis the Master of Disaster is like expecting Ray Rossi to say Christie is the equivelant of a  schoolyard bully.

  3. mmgth

     Okay… but someone needs to explain to me why Christie is polling over 50%.


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