Why does the Tea Party fear children with kites?

(A fun event, fantastic cause, fighting the bad guys, Friday June 15 12:00 PM at two beaches – promoted by Bill Orr)

Oh the humanity! Children flying kites on the beach! You'd think New Jersey was under attack by terrorists with Predator Kites if you believed the panic Americans for Prosperity are in over a planned celebration of Global Wind Day by the Sierra Club.

 The Koch-backed AFP is organizing a counter-protest to uphold the “rights” of the billionaire carbon fuel barons, and defend oil and coal subsidies from attack by “Kids with Kites” supporting clean, renewable energy. How daring and patriotic of AFP!

Just what are these “environmental extremists” thinking in their support public investment in a local clean-energy industry? Big tax subsidies belong solely to big oil & coal companies, right? 


The “Battle on the Beach” is garnering national attention, as witnessed by this Maddow Blog entry, and a write-up by Stephen Lacey on the ThinkProgress Cllimate Progress blog.

Here is the Global Wind Day celebration announcement from our friends at the Sierra Club:

New Jersey has enough offshore wind potential to replace all the dirty coal and gas plants in the state — and that has the Tea Party on the defensive.

The Tea Party is planning to crash Global Wind Day on June 15th to promote their Koch brothers agenda of dirty energy and corporate greed. Americans for Prosperity is even attempting to fill 6 buses and bring them to Asbury Park and Ocean City just to oppose clean energy.

We can't let the Tea Party ruin our Global Wind Day! Join Sierra Club as we support clean energy and get wind em-powered.   

It's up to people like you to get Governor Christie to turn New Jersey's wind potential into action. We'll be gathering at a beach near you for a kite-flying rally and celebration — bring your family, friends and kites.

Sign up online today and get a FREE kite!

Event Details

WHO: You, your friends and family
WHAT: Get Wind Em-Powered Kite Rally
WHEN: June 15th at 12 noon
WHERE: A beach near you

Ocean City — 10th Street Beach (map)
Asbury Park — Asbury and Ocean Avenue Beach Entrance (map)

RSVP: http://action.sierraclub.org/GlobalWind

Questions: Contact Christine Guhl by emailing christine.guhl@sierraclub.org.

We need your help to get as many people as possible out to support offshore wind.  Don't let the Tea Party ruin Global Wind Day with their Koch brothers agenda!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Christine Guhl
New Jersey Beyond Coal
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

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