Where’s Christie Now?

New Jersey is in the midst of an economic crisis, spurred on by the failed Christienomics. New Jersey is the only state economy in the Mideast region – which includes Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. – that shrank last year. Our economic output shrank last year, ranking 47th out of all the 50 states in terms of growth and our gross domestic product decreased 0.5 percent in 2011, making New Jersey one of six states that registered a negative rate of growth.

You would think with such dismal economic indicators our Governor would be working fulltime to get New Jersey back on track… You would think…

Instead, Governor Christie is traveling around the country touting his “successes.” According to the Star Ledger, Governor Christie has left New Jersey 54 times in the past eight months and an ABC News political blog notes that Christie is averaging 1.5 days per week outside of the state.  

With such a prolific travel schedule, it is no wonder that New Jersey’s economic troubles have managed to slip the Governor’s mind. It is hard to remember the problems in your own state when you’re out campaigning on behalf of Tea Party darlings and presidential candidates.

The only question I have is: Where’s Christie now?

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  1. robosz

    Even when the Governor is in New Jersey, it seems to be at the fairly-predictable staged event that is the town hall.  Jersey location, Jersey citizens, Jersey topics … yes, true.  But the goal of recording each event isn’t to extend the dialogue between citizen and public servant, or to confront hard questions from citizens concerned or critical of current policy … the goal in recording the event (or even holding the event, really) is to provide useable media about one person (the Governor) for the national Republican audience.  

    So even when he’s here, Gov. Christie’s work remains focused on crafting his personal profile for the national conservative media.

    Gov. Christie personally destroyed a public institution, NJN, because he said government should not be in the tv business … but this town hall thing is taxpayer-funded one party campaigning and media production.  NJ Taxpayers are paying to build the Gov’s personal media archive and these “moments caught on video” could possibly serve the media needs of the national GOP in its advertising/tv promotion.

    So do you see the double-standard here?  Taxpayer-funded media for public consumption, with news, documentaries, public affairs shows … and an organization (NJN) that has to answer to a series of Governors from both parties, Legislatures, and eventually satisfy the taxpayers themselves …this is unacceptable socialism.  Taxpayer monies supporting just the needs of the current executive, produced by a group that is part of Gov’s Office, for use in promotional videos edited by same people in Gov’s Office, to then broadcast to people of one party in NJ and beyond (YouTube) … now that’s a good use of a taxpayer’s money, whether they be GOP, Dem, or indie.  

    It’s using broad-based tax money used on behalf of one party, one person.  

    It may not be a huge amount of cash spent in this continuing effort to collect YouTube moments for future campaign use (who would know?) … but it’s the principle, and the hypocrisy.


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