Today, a chance to shake up politics as usual in Essex

Some of the best people I know in NJ politics are running today for Democratic County Committee on the reformer’s line – Go, Line B! – promoted by Rosi

Today’s primary includes a lot of big name races that have garnered statewide attention. But beyond the Rothmans and the Pascrells, the Paynes and the Rices, there’s a campaign going on under the radar in Essex that has the potential to make a difference in how New Jersey politics works.

A slate of 100 reformers are running for Democratic County Committee in Essex this year under the slogan ‘Essex County Independent Democrats’ on Line B. It’s a diverse group from Newark to Millburn, and it includes union members, community leaders, and ordinary citizens. The New Jersey Working Families alliance has been helping coordinate this joint effort between labor unions like CWA, NJEA, and SEIU, local community organizations like the NAACP-Irvington and national progressive groups like and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee since January.

We started this campaign to begin giving voters a choice and to stand up to Democratic bosses who cut deals with Chris Christie on the issues that matter: worker’s rights, cuts to vital services like education and public safety, and more.

There are over 1100 seats on the Essex Democratic County Committee, and the committee plays a crucial role in selecting candidates for the Democratic ballot line in state and municipal elections. Electing committed activists and union members to the Democratic County Committee would be a strong step to electing Democrats ready to stand strong against the Governor’s attacks on progressive priorities.

Ultimately, this election is about giving ordinary people a voice in how their local government is run. These aren’t professional politicians. They’re community members who are concerned that ordinary people don’t have a say in who gets put forward to run for office in New Jersey. Essex County needs more progressive-minded Democrats who will fight for working families and stand up to Christie on crucial issues like worker’s rights and the millionaire’s tax.

If you’re in Essex and want to shake things up, remember to vote Line B for Democratic County Committee today.

Bill Holland is Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a coalition of community, environmental, consumer and citizen groups taking back New Jersey for the 99%.

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  1. carolh
  2. Jeff Gardner

    I love a good county committee race! 🙂

  3. Cautious Man

    In my district, your challenger was running against a very progressive gentleman, who has been a municipal/county committee member for a number of years.  He’s progressive in his professional life as welll, representing immigrants who are detained in that infamous North jersey detention center.  

    So, your approach seemed a little random.  It’s almost as if you did not try to determine whether you were targeting only “Christicrats”, but just wanted to have as many people run as possible.


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