The struggle continues

(Hey, three out of of four progressive  candidates I liked lost yesterday, but as Senator Ted Kennedy said, “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.” – promoted by Bill Orr)

To all those warriors of democracy, to all those crusaders of hope, to all those who got into the arena, to all those who struggled and strived and fought and bled for their candidate. To all those who made our party stronger today, thank you.

But no matter the outcomes. No matter which candidate triumphs and which candidate falls, we must not forget. We must not forget that while our differences tonight may seem irreparable, we have much more in common than we do apart.

The struggle to save the middle class, to rebuild America, to construct from the wreckage of the Bush years a stronger nation continues. We must unite in this effort.

We must remember, we are Democrats.  

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  1. vmars


  2. bluescat1

    educate younger voters as to why we have what we got now and how we fought for it. The youth of today take so much for granted.

  3. Erik Preuss

    Loved this diary.  

  4. Thurman Hart

    are Democrats…

  5. Babs NJSD

    I was in Ft Lee last night at Rothman HQ along with a lot of good loyal folks. We all lost a great fighter in DC. Pascrells local organization was better than Rothman’s suburban organization.

    Steve leaves a great congressional record and a legacy for excellence. I would hope that in the future his star will shine in another area of public service!

    As in the 10th District, local politics won.

    Let’s go and make lemonade!

    Are there any big supporters of Pascrell and Payne here that can help make that happen?


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