Rush Holt on TRMS

Last night, New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show. He spoke with guest host Ezra Klein on the Republican War on Science and how the GOP uses language to advance their propaganda.

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  1. Nick Lento


    …they abuse/distort/pervert language…and they do it skillfully as their fallacious memes are focus group tested, at great expense, by interests that profit from the status quo.

    Would love to see a debate with our Rush vs their Rush!   Now THAT would be a hoot, eh!

    Of course ours would win on the facts and logic…but I wonder if that would suffice for a general audience?


    A little meta aside for deciminyan.  Thanks for extracting this from msnbc’s site and making it a youtube that can be embedded here!  Can you please share the specific modifications you had to make to the youtube embed html code to achieve that feat.

    Also, I would suggest that that method be shared in as simple and idiot proof a manner as possible on the diary page so folks who may not read this Q&A will also be enabled.   Thanks!



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