Primary Day Tuesday: And Guess Who’s Coming To Bergen?

Governor Chris Christie! Yep he’s coming tomorrow to a senior building in Lyndhurst for one of his “town meetings”! According to Bergen Dem Chair Lou Stellato, Christie is coming to a building which also happens to be used as a voting place. Mr. Stellato told me they reached out to election officials to see if such a voting site was “appropriate” for an election day visit by Mr. Christie. They were told by the Attorney General’s office: “He’s coming”! Anything wrong with this? What do you think?

Another “Top Five” category for our state:  Politifact listed Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin as the Governor who told the most lies. Well not to be outdown, our own “untruthful” Governor Chris Christie made it into Politifact’s top five of “Lie – en Governors”. We”re so proud Mr. Christie.  You should really put that accolade right under your “Jersey Comeback” banner.

OK now we have two openings on our Supreme Court.  Two years ago the Governor tossed off Associate Justice John Wallace, the court’s only African American member, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a Superior Court and Appellate Court Judge for twenty years before he was named to the Supreme Court. And Justice Wallace had just two years left to his tenure. Mr. Christie has yet to nominate a person who could lend diversity to the court with anywhere near Justice Wallace’s background. Come on Governor – try a little harder. And maybe remember the tradition of a “balanced” court. We’ll try to be patient.

Yesterday former Bergen Freeholder (and good friend) Liz Calabrese hosted a fundraising brunch for a democratic women’s PAC she founded. Honorees were Freeholder candidate, Tracy Zur; Englewood Cliffs Councilwoman Gloria Oh; and Oakland Mayor Linda Schwager. Attendees included Senator Nia Gill, Assemblywomen Valerie Huttle and Connie Wagner and former Freeholder Bernadette McPherson. The “Pink & Blue” PAC is off to a good start. Thanks Liz. We need the help for our women candidates.  

I’m sure I don’t have to remind any of you that tomorrow is Primary voting day. We in the 9th district have been treated to endorsements from David Axelrod and Bill Clinton. I even got a robocall from Mr. Axelrod for Steve Rothman. I’m willing to bet that Bill Clinton will give me a call for Bill Pascrell before Tuesday is upon us. I’m supporting Steve Rothman in this primary, but I am disappointed at the negativity of the direct mail.  It’s been a real turn-off. Then I read the mail put out by Marie Corfield’s opponent in the 16th legislative District Assembly special election. Two negative pieces which did not address any differences in issues, just made negative and ridiculous points. In the interest of complete transparency, I am supporting Marie in tomorrow’s election. After seeing the level of the direct mail, along with Speaker Sheila Oliver, we both did a couple of robocalls for Marie. Granted we might not be David Axelrod or Bill Clinton, but I hope we helped Marie. She’s a stand-up courageous activist; an articulate voice for our issues and dedicated to the long haul. We need her in the legislature.

Whatever your choices – VOTE TUESDAY!


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  1. deciminyan

    Here in Burlington County, we have four excellent women vying for two open Freeholder slots. The regular Democratic organization is supporting Aimee Belgard, a lawyer from Edgewater Park who is very active in the American Cancer Society, and Joanne Schwartz, a retired health care professional who has a passion for senior, women’s, and children’s health issues. It is unfortunate that one of their opponents has resorted to a negative campaign on Facebook instead of discussing the issues. Aimee and Joanne have the best chance to remove the stranglehold that the GOP has had on county government and will promote openness and transparency.

    Also, for those in the third congressional district, another dynamic and fiercely smart woman, Shelley Adler, will be opening her campaign headquarters at 6:30 PM tonight. Come to 3003 Lincoln Drive West (off of the Greentree/Rt 73 intersection) in Marlton to join in the festivities.


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