Primaries: All Sorts Of Dogs In This Fight

With so many primaries tomorrow you may not have a “dog in the fight” in most cases. However, comparisons to “man’s best friend” is one way to view individual candidates. Below are somewhat biased comments on competitive primaries and a link to what NJ Spotlight says about each race. Don’t forget to vote or the candidate you get may be a dog.  

CD 5: Parts of Bergen, Sussex, Warren, and Passaic Counties

Jason Castle – Underdog and Working Dog: Democrat, newcomer, Marine Veteran, low-funded but has “wind in his sails.”  

Adam Gussen – Non-Working Dog: Democrat, Teaneck Deputy Mayor, has not reported receiving any campaign contributions and appears reliant on the Bergen party committee to turn out the vote for him.

Diane Sare – Pariah Dog: Larouche Democrat, whose call for President Obama’s impeachment makes her anathema to most Democrats.  

Scott Garrett – Guard Dog: Republican incumbent, super-funded, protecting the constitution, the wealthy, social values and the Great American Conservative Way, and has his own inconsequential primary.

CD 7: Parts of Essex, Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset and Union Counties

Leonard Lance – Pet Dog: Republican incumbent, who seeks love from everyone, but veers to the right, well-funded, and ahead.  

David Larsen – Attack Dog: Chairman of a conservative advocacy group, veering further to the right, snapping at Lance’s heels with support from two large Tea Party organizations and New Jersey Right-to-Life.

CD 9; Parts of Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties

Bill Pascrell – Uber Dog: Democrat, from Passaic, has raised mucho dinero, has support of Bill Clinton, endorsed by the Record and a “working man’s” Democrat.

Steve Rothman – Uber Dog: Democrat, from Bergen, has raised mucho dinero, has support from Obama camp, and a champion for women’s and gay rights.  

CD 10: Parts of Essex, Hudson and Union Counties

Ron Rice, Jr. – Working Dog: Democrat, Newark West Ward Councilman, hardworking campaigner and councilman, has national and local endorsement of the Star Ledger, DFA, unions, Dick Codey, broad swath of progressives, and more.

Don Payne, Jr. – Designer Dog: Democrat, Newark Council President, an empty vessel with his opinions and activities guided by staff, well funded, legacy candidate, party-supported in Essex, and many national and local endorsements.

Nia Gill – Feisty Dog: Montclair Democrat, endorsed by Sen. Weinberg, speaking out for women, but running only in the regular, not special, primary.

Wayne Smith – Underdog: Democrat, Mayor of Irvington, low-funded and not a big player in this hotly contested race.

LD 16 (Assembly): Parts of Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset Counties

Marie Corfield – Feisty, Working Dog: Democrat, School Teacher, unafraid to stand up against Governor Christie, with strong NJEA support, endorsed by Senate Majority Leader Weinberg and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and has the party line in Somerset, Hunterdon and Middlesex counties.  

Sue Nemeth – Possible Underdog: Democrat, former Princeton Deputy Mayor and hoping for strong support in the Princetons and South Brunswick.  

U .S. Senate: Statewide

Joe Kyrillos – Uberdog: Republican, State Senator (Monmouth), not well known by New Jerseyans, but well funded for the primary where he has Christie’s and broad party support. He is running against lowly underdogs Bader Qarmout, David-Douglas Brown and Joe “Rudy” Rullo. He is an underdog and underfunded in the November race against U. S. Senator Robert Menendez who faces no primary.  

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  1. Jay Lassiter


  2. Jay Lassiter


  3. Jay Lassiter

    Doggie bag

    (perfect for serving up someone else’s sloppy seconds)

  4. Jay Lassiter

    Cowering scared little puppy who squats and pees on the rug when he’s not happy.

  5. tabbycat31

    Of course Man on Dog (Rick Santorum) dropped out of the presidential race but his name is still on the ballot.

    CD-6 has an interesting GOP primary between Rabid Dog (Anna Little) and Ernesto Cullari (who I don’t know enough about to give him a nickname)

    CD-4 has a GOP primary between Old Dog (Chris Smith as he’s been in office 32 years) and Terrence McGowan (a tea party Navy SEAL)— not sure what kind of dog he is.

    I love this diary.

  6. FogerRox

    Ron Rice makes it clear he wants to run for Congress, Respectfully tells the Payne family hes going to run. Nia does nothing. Donald Payne Sr passes, now it looks like Ron Rice will win it running away….. Then Nia gets in the race, and doesnt get on the ballot for the unexpired term, which would lock in seniority.

    The fact of the matter is Nia GIll announced the same day as Donald Payne Jr, knowing fully she would split the Suburban vote with Ron Rice, and possibly enabling a Payne win.

  7. Carl Bergmanson

    Folks say they want change, then won’t even consider candidates who actually represent change – you can bet that Dennis Flynn or Cathy Wright wouldn’t be giving sweetheart deals to Steve Adubato.

    Payne, Rice, Gill = not only the same old, same old, they’re second generation same old, same old.


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