News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christie’s latest self-serving whopper

  • Credits himself with jailing 10% of the legislature as US Attorney.

    NJ police department sued for refusing to release NYPD surveillance documents

  • Associated Press suing New Brunswick Police Dept. for failing to release information about a “safe house” near Rutgers mistaken for a terrorist hideout but in fact operated by undercover NYPD officers.

    Municipal reorgs last night, County reorgs tonight

  • Mayor Dr. Felix Roque out as Chair, Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez in.

  • Christie, Mike Doherty & Leonard Lance exert pressure in Hunterdon GOP Chair’s race.

    Rush Holt on Maddow:

  • Suppressing climate science is like Big Tobacco suppressing health science. (Here’s the video)


  • Powerful fundraisers in Romney’s short list.

    Assorted Christie

  • Court prevents Christie from abolishing COAH on his own.
  • Instructs state government to make shutdown plan.
  • Half approve of Christie; that’s considered raging success.

    Former councilwoman sues Loretta Weinberg & Bergenfield mayor

  • This goes back to the LD-37 2005 Senate primary between Weinberg & Ken Zisa (recently convicted of fraud and official misconduct).

    Christie “Town Halls” – still during most people’s work hours

  • Haddonfield at 3pm today.

  • Galloway Twp. tomorrow.

  • Cedar Grove next Tuesday.


  • Christie put $261M of your money into Revel Casino. So how’d it do in it’s big opening month? Underwhelming.
  • Assembly odd man out on tax proposal. (Stile)

    Truce needed on political battlefield

  • Sounds like Courier-Post is talking mainly to NJ Democrats here, and that’s a shame.

    Rowan’s Resistance Helps Spur Changes to Education Restructuring Legislation

  • University insists on governing board that maintains its autonomy, as well as that of Rutgers-Camden.

    Harris returns to Chatham

  • And the mayor’s chair.
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