News Roundup and Open Thread for Friday, June 22, 2012

The cost of the “New Jersey comeback”

  • The real impact of Christie’s money grab of housing dollars that disappear into state coffers to plug holes in a smoke-and-mirrors budget that magically produces tax cuts. For a manufactured “comeback.” (Star-Ledger)

  • Nominee for DCA chief says COAH ‘should not be in existence’.

  • Democrats give municipalities cover on affordable housing fees.

    Yesterday in Trenton

  • Star-Ledger’s roundup of key legislation – budget, millionaires tax, teacher tenure, transportation borrowing, halfway houses & more.
  • Assembly approves bill banning fracking waste.
  • Assembly OKs measure for approvals moratorium on virtual charter schools.

    Democrats tie halfway house oversight into budget

  • Private contractors running halfway houses would face significantly increased oversight under 2 proposals lawmakers cleared Thursday – including one bill to audit their contracts that’s stalled for eight years.

    Rutgers to be dismembered in political ploy

  • Got to admire Bob Braun; he comes right out and says it.

  • Rutgers-Rowan vote postponed amid Democratic insurgency. (Christie Chronicles)

  • Legislative Message to Rutgers on Restructuring: Take It or Leave It.


  • Dems introduce $31.7B spending plan similar to Gov. Chris Christie’s as budget deadline nears.

  • Dems’ budget calls for maintaining education spending on needy students, despite Gov. Christie’s attempt to cut.

  • NJ near top in per-pupil spending.
  • Democrats Defy Christie By Delaying Tax Cut in $31.7 Billion Budget.
  • Christie allies vote against key spending bill.


  • O’Donnell: Halfway house scandal knocks Christie off Romney’s short list. (video)

    Assorted Christie

  • Governor responds to legislature: His newest meme, already tired: Corzine Democrats.
  • Missed the story of Christie & Springsteen in The Atlantic? Here’s shorter Atlantic.
  • Where exactly does Christie actually stand on political corruption?


  • Study: 1.3M NJ residents suffered a financial setback in 2010.
  • Comments (13)

    1. iwood

      Charlie Stiles said that there was a deafening silence from Democrats on Christie’s halfway house scandal?

      Two legislative packages passed in a week is not a “deafening silence.”  

      The media prefers when politicians scream and yell and posture over when they hold responsible hearings and pass sensible legislation.  Pathetic.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      That’s what legislative Democrats should start calling him.

    3. JackHarris

      Rutgers is the only public institution in the state with the management and financial capability to absorb UMDNJ, it’s debt and it’s miscues.

      So Rutgers walks away. And the state will be back asking for Rutgers help or collaboration in five years even if the state merges UMDNJ into Rowan or Kean or even NJIT which I don’t believe has the scale to handle an integration like this.

      I feel bad for President McCormick who wanted to add back the New Brunswick Medical School take from Rutgers in the early 1970s as his crowning legacy.

      But the loss of a campus and radical changes in Rutgers governance structure and autonomy is too much.  


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