New Jersey Democrats Lost….

…..a talented and very good Congressman. Steve Rothman has served Bergen County and his constituents with integrity and with a clear voice for our shared values. Congratulations to Bill Pascrell who ran a great race and will be an equally progressive voice for those of us in the “new” 9th CD.  However, it’s really sad all around. A net loss of one really good man for New Jersey, for Democrats and for Bergen County.

Jason Castle is a new fresh voice for Democrats in our area and we welcome him to join us.  Congratulations to Adam Gussen who is now our candidate for Congress in the 5th District, and we will have to help him beat Scott Garrett.  

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  1. zi985

    Senator Weinberg let’s not forget Democrats Marie Corfield, Upendra Chivukula, and Shelley Adler who will need all the help they can get between now and November.  Also, please convince your friend Steve Rothman to help stump and campaign for these three great candidates!

  2. Got Kids

    Political power is always a double-edged sword. The more of it you amass, the more people expect you to use it to do big things, and, when you don’t, the more ineffectual you look. – Thomas L. Friedman

  3. FogerRox

    I see it partially as an indictment of the County Committee.

  4. johnleesandiego

    Whoopsie – if Stevie stayed on message instead of telling me why I should be afraid of A-Rabs the results of this race might have been different.



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