Must See Hawthorne Public Access TV

This ad should be running every half hour on the half hour between now and Election Day.

John:  Hello, I am John Girgenti and I am a conservative bigot.

Jeff:  Hi, I’m Jeff Gardner and I’m a progressive activist.

Together:  We were sworn enemies two years ago, but we are united now in support of Bill Pascrell.

John:  So if you are a bigot…

Together:  …OR…

Jeff:  …you hate them…

Together:  …Vote for Bill!

John:  Because at some point in his career, you probably have agreed with him…

Jeff:  …And at some point going forward, you probably will again.

Together:  Bill Pascrell makes everybody happy, because he stands for nothing…

John:  …Except accumulating power for himself, his cronies like me,…

Jeff:  …and his sons, who wouldn’t have lobbying careers if it weren’t for him, the power that he wields as the de facto boss of Passaic County, and his willingness to sell his vote to the highest bidder.

Together:  Vote for Bill!

John:  Or don’t vote at all.

Jeff:  The end result is the same.


Comments (3)

  1. Rosi Efthim

    for this Primary to be over.  

  2. Jeff Gardner

    in supporting Bill Pascrell for Congress.


  3. Matthew Jordan

    So, are you saying people can never disagree on one issue, and agree on others?

    It’s not like John Girgenti was bad on every issue.  I think this attitude you take (which as far as I’m concerned is Tea Party-esque) is the opposite of what we need in our elected officials.  

    What have you ever done? EVER.  I know what Jeff has done.  I know what Jeff is doing. I see it every day in Passaic County.  And it’s all good things for progressives.  

    All I know about you is you come on Blue Jersey and talk, talk, talk about what other people are doing (or should be doing), but never tell us what you’ve ever done.  

    Steve Rothman has run a disgusting campaign.  He should be ashamed.  And please, write a 5,000 word response no one reads.  We’re used to ignoring your bullshit.  

    And you know what Jeff will be doing tomorrow? Turning out his town for Bill Pascrell.  You’ll probably be sitting on your ass complaining on this site.  


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