If Christie is so sure of his revenue numbers…

… then what’s his problem with the Legislature’s budget?

If he is so sure of the so-called Jersey Comeback resulting in revenue growth that exceeds any other state, and so sure that he’s got the numbers right even though Wall Street says he is wrong and they have nothing to do with revenue collections so far this year; if he’s so sure that he calls an independent analyst who dares doubt them “Dr. Kevorkian” – then he should be fine with the Legislature’s budget, because there will be a tax cut.

But I guess his condition for a tax cut is that it needs to be there even if he’s wrong on revenue.

So maybe he’s not so sure of his revenue numbers after all.

That seems a little… incoherent. Weak, even.

Just sayin’…

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. iwood

    It’d be nice if a reporter asked that.

  2. Bill Orr

    that he cannot go to the Republican convention and claim he cut taxes in New Jersey.  Other problems include: his reputation as a governor who gets things done and works with the legislature seems shaky, and his absurd tax revenue forecast gets more attention and looks increasingly foolish.

    Fortunately, those are his problems not ours.    


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