Garrett tries to sneak through pro-redlining bill

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Scott Garrett is at it again.

Presumably following the wishes of his Wall Street funders, Garrett is attempting to slip through at the last minute an amendment to next year’s federal budget to block enforcement of the Fair Housing Act. The bill would stop the federal government from taking action against banks that redline against people of color, families with young children (remember those banks that wouldn’t give loans to pregnant women?), or people with disabilities.

The legislation is an amendment to HR 5972 (the “Garrett Amendment”) which would prohibit the Department of Housing Development (HUD) from issuing and enforcing regulations concerning the Fair Housing Act that protect against policies that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, familial status, and disability.

It is going to be voted on today and just came to light this morning. Please reach out to members of the House that you know – CALL the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asked to be connected to your Representative’s office.  When the receptionist answers, ask to speak to the staffer who handles appropriations or housing. If you are sent to voicemail, please leave a detailed message. Please also be sure to follow up with an e-mail to the staffer (

This is scary stuff – which is why Garrett is trying to rush it through. Kudos to the National Fair Housing Alliance for bringing this to light.

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