Christie, the Bush Republican

Governor Christie seems to have adopted a new political strategy: bludgeon Democrats with the label “Corzine Democrats.”

But if he wants to use the past to explain the political present, why aren’t Democrats hitting back by calling out Christie for what he is, a “Bush Republican”?

Christie would never have risen to power without the Rove-appointment to Attorney General as a reward for raising big bucks for President Bush.

But what’s worse is that Christie has adopted the same Bush economic policies. Magic budget numbers that don’t add up, a reckless tax cut predicated on politics, and an economy which he has managed to drive into a ditch.

He may have the political instincts of Karl Rove, but Chris Christie has made our state economy worse. The 47th economy in the country. Lagging behind our regional state peers. An inability to take the hard road which will lead to longterm economic success. A shortsighted view of governing. An inability to grasp economic realities.

New Jersey, say hello to Governor Christie, your Bush Republican.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    in the legislature would come up with that.  I thought the same thing.

    They continue to have feet of clay when responding to Chriistie.


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