Childhood Obesity

The Assembly Women and Children Committee heard testimony this morning about child obesity.  Dr. Arturo Brito, Deputy Commissioner of Public Health Services testified that one third of 10 to 17 year olds in New Jersey are overweight or obese. The epidemic is especially prevalent among low income families.

Committee chair Pamela Lampitt said that after receiving testimony from various health care professionals, the committee will draft legislation to be introduced after the summer break to address the obesity problem.

On a day in Trenton that is consumed by budget and education issues, we can’t forget that our schools will never improve until we address the issue of poverty and the ancillary health problems it creates.

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  1. carolh

    work for the most successful global junk food companies in the world in their R&D departments,  I gotta tell ya, the public policy makers are barking up the wrong tree.  They have been for years.

    What keeps consumers and kids coming back for more? Much more than they need? It isn’t fat, salt  or sugar  – which have been around much longer than the obesity epidemic.  It’s actually a cheap, addictive ingredient right under your nose that targets the amygdala and the hypothalamus and the pancreas and makes food much cheaper to make by allowing them to add less real food. It is the most successful and harmful food additive only discovered in 1908, only added to the US food supply after WWII, only cheap enough to be ubiquitous after 1967, and then after it was proven to cause obesity in mice by injecting them with it – added to live vaccines after about 1988 – the patent to add it to vaccines was granted in 1982.  If you don’t believe me – here is the CDC ingredients page.

    The main enzyme for getting rid of excess glutamate from MSG is GAD – the enzyme that most diabetics have. They suspect it is the one that causes the immune system to turn on  the islet cells and kill them.  GAD stands for GLUTAMIC ACID DECARBOXYLASE.  Now someone please explain to me what the heck MSG is doing in vaccines if we use it to make normal mice obese, and diabetic.… And please explain how obesity researchers who know this can sleep at night after blaming the parents, the victims and the children themselves for poor self restraint???

    If I was an elected official and I was running a hearing on obesity I would be hauling obesity researchers in front of me. Specifically the ones who inject mice to make them fat and diabetic on purpose and I would also haul the CDC vaccine folks in and I would ask them a boatload of really tough questions and I would demand answers under oath.

    Any of you elected folks out there in NJ – I got a lot to say on this one.  CALL ME. I’ll testify. In a heartbeat.


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