Barbara Buono statement on halfway house escape rates

“The disclosure of the high-rate of escapees from the halfway houses is an indictment of the administration on one of its most important public safety responsibilities. The fact that it includes so many violent criminals who have again committed violent crimes, including murder, makes their failure to operate the corrections system responsibly extremely disturbing.

“Too many prisoners have escaped too easily and too many of them are a dangerous threat to others.

“The fact that corrections officials don’t have even a basic understanding of the problem inspires very little confidence in their ability to perform their law-enforcement responsibilities. And the fact that they have turned a significant portion of the corrections job over to a profit-making business shows that they have their priorities wrong. They should be protecting the public, not turning a profit for a politically-connected company.

“It’s a tragedy that more people were victimized by the escapees who were supposed to be under the control of the corrections system and it is a shame that they have taken very little corrective actions. They should be held accountable for their failures and do all that is necessary to put them to an end.”   


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  1. firstamend07

    In an additional story to the story in the NY Times ,the Halfway House Scam is further exposed:

    Palatucci’s answer?

    Palatucci put out a statement Sunday saying, “The liberal New York Times’ attempt at reporting is nothing but a transparent attack on Governor Christie using a well respected company as its tool. Both the premise and facts in The Times are false.

    I guess the State Auditor isnow part of the ” liberal Media” also.


  2. firstamend07

    Christie will use all of his political skills and attack methods to go after both the NY Times and since both have gone after his buddy Palatucci.

    Make no mistake,the Halfway House system in NJ is both a scam and a fraud.

    Inmates are hoarded into these places and are provided virtually no reentry services. The operators of these places know that the inmates do whatever they want ,so they seldom complain. Even if they did complain, who would listen?

    The ” perfect scam” .  


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