A box of newborn kittens

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If you haven’t noticed, New Jersey Republican Legislators rarely disagree with Chris Christie.  I enjoyed this characterization of the Legislative caucus where they would stand on Christie’s plans for a tax cut while revenues continue to come up short:

Republicans will no doubt support this. They are so submissive to Christie that, in their caucus meetings, they are often confused with a box of newborn kittens.

Republicans used to just send press releases out challenging anything a Democrat thought was a good idea. Now they send out press releases challenging Democrats and expressing their undying love of anything Christie. Take for example Jon Bramnick, who following the announcement that New Jersey created 17,000 jobs (while it saw the unemployment rate rise to 9.2%) put out a press release with this screaming headline:


Bramnick seems to forget some of the other important statistics from that “model for the country to follow.” As Bill Orr wrote about, there is more to the job creation story including the rise in the unemployment rate. In addition, New Jersey saw it’s economic output decrease last year ranking 47th in the country and our gross domestic product actually decreased by .5%. And then there’s our housing market, where New Jersey foreclosures are way up, by 118% over last year giving us the 2nd highest increase nationwide.

You see there’s always more to the story than Christie and his Republican “newborn kittens” like to share. But I’m sure they’d just meow and say I’m being a Democratic pessimist in sharing the rest of the story.

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