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We are judged by the way we treat the weakest among us.  I wrote that several days ago in response to a question I received regarding why I am so strongly opposed to the way Scott Garrett represents us in Congress.

This morning our family cat, Natasha passed away. She was over 18 years old and while it’s comforting to know she had a long and happy life, it’s still a heart-wrenching decision to make when the time comes to end her suffering.   Coming home from the Vet’s office I recalled a chance meeting I had several months ago with Paul Aronsohn.   As you know, Paul ran against Scott Garrett in 2006 and afforded himself well.

On this particular Saturday morning we we’re both at the Honda dealership on Route 4 in Paramus waiting for our respective cars to be serviced.  We sat for half an hour and discussed a wide range of topics.  Eventually, if not inevitably – given our involvement in Democratic politics, the conversation turned to Scott Garrett and Paul’s 2006 run.  Paul told me that something he never was able to fully bring forward was Scott Garrett’s horrible record when it came to animal rights.  In addition, according to the ASPCA, our district has the highest number of pet owners in the entire country.

So with Natasha on my mind I recalled my conversation at the Honda dealership and went to Google to get more information on Scott Garrett and his votes with respect to protecting those among us who cannot speak for themselves.

Paul Aronsohn was right.  The results were shocking but hardly surprising.  In 2007 the Humane Society Legislative Fund named Scott Garrett one of a handful of America’s worst members of Congress on animal protection issues.  Garrett was the first lawmaker to receive this inhumane distinction.

From the press release:

Garrett has amassed an indefensible record on animal protection issues. In addition to siding with the animal fighting lobby to maintain weak penalties for dogfighting and cockfighting, Garrett has also opposed legislation to protect household pets from disasters, and has supported the inhumane slaughter of horses for human consumption. In each case, he was among a small number of members of Congress who oppose common-sense animal protection efforts.

Since this press release was five years old, I decided to investigate further to see how Garrett voted on animal rights in the subsequent years.  I can’t say that I’m surprised with what I found, but I can say I am disappointed.  Scott Garrett received a 25 out of 100 score in the Humane Society’s Midterm Report for the 112th Congress.  While Scott Garrett is no longer the worst Representative in Congress when it comes to protecting the rights of animals, he is by far the worst member of the New Jersey Congressional delegation.

What’s right about Scott Garrett is how often he ends up on the wrong side of almost every issue.  Scott Garrett is wrong for this district, he’s wrong for our pets and he’s wrong for this country.   Please help us spread the word so we can retire Scott Garrett.

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