Yes, Bert There CAN Be More Than One

And hopefully there will be! I am supporting and will be working for Nia Gill for Congress and I am supporting and will be working for Shelley Adler for Congress. I hosted a fundraiser for each of them.

I have not seen Senator Gill’s fundraising letter and it does sound like it might have been inappropiately worded. Neither Senator Gill nor I believe there can be “only one”. I know Shelley Adler and I know Nia Gill. They are both busy raising money and running their respective campaigns, not trying to create issues where they don’t exist because of the use of some inartful language in a fundraising letter.

However, I also resent the completely unsubstaniated suggestion that Senator Gill is in this race to somehow “divide” some voting segment to prevent another candidate from winning the primary. That is an outrageous statement and utterly without proof.

So I’m not going to add to the creation of issues where they don’t exist. I am going to suggest to Senator Gill’s  letter writing folks that they be more careful in their wording.

And I’m going to root on both Senator Gill and Ms. Adler that they continue to do what they set out to do – win their respecive races! Then New Jersey will have two women in our Congressional delegation!  

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  1. deciminyan

    I am thrilled that we have a smart, hard-working Democrat to run against Jon Runyan in my district. This will be a tough fight, and both sides will get help from outside the district. Because we have a real chance of winning, this is a critical race to help wrest control of the House from John Boehner.

    I’ll be volunteering for the Adler campaingn, and Senator – please let me know when you’ll be coming to South Jersey to rally for Shelley.

  2. Bertin Lefkovic

    …in NJ politics.  You know as well as I do, SML Weinberg, that everything in our state happens behind closed doors and the only time that there is ever any proof of wrongdoing is when it reaches such a critical mass that investigators with subpoena power are called in.  Sadly, a fake candidacy like Nia Gill’s doesn’t warrant that degree of scrutiny.  However, I believe that there is more than enough evidence for reasonable doubt in her candidacy in the court of public opinion.

    Exhibit 1 is the fact that like John Adler in 2008, Nia Gill would be reducing, not increasing, the power that she has to positively impact her issues of concern by going from the State Senate, where she has been one of the most important people in Trenton for over a decade, to the House, where she will be one of 435 with little to no ability to have anything close to the kind of impact that she can have if she stays in Trenton.

    As I wrote in my previous diary, if Senator Gill truly wants to make history AND be able to have even more of an impact than she has right now in Trenton, she should end her primary election candidacy in CD10, endorse Ron Rice, and refocus on running for the United States Senate (the position to which she was almost appointed by Jon Corzine in 2005) in 2014.  Senator Gill is free to do what ever she wants, but IMHO, I think that there is no point in breaking a glass ceiling by falling through it.

    Exhibit 2 is the fact that she did not file for the special primary election to complete the unexpired term of the late Congressman Donald Payne.  There is no good reason for her to have done this when even a candidate as weak as Irvington Mayor Wayne Smith was both willing and able to file for this contest.

    This dovetails with Exhibit 1 insofar as her decision to not file for the special primary election would cost her dearly in terms of seniority if she were to somehow win the regular primary election, which is unlikely, as the opportunity to be sworn in this November instead of this January would give her an edge over every other freshperson Congressperson, who takes their oath for the first time next year.

    When one considers the historic nature of Gill’s candidacy, one would also expect that to be matched with a potential for the candidate in question to have a historic Congressional career as well, but by not filing for the special primary election, Gill has limited her ability to have this kind of career before it has even begun.

    Exhibit 3 is the fact that her candidacy does divide suburban progressives, a demographic that Donald Payne’s “campaign” (for lack of a better word since he is not really campaigning as much as he is hoping that having the party line in Essex County will be enough for him to win the election) is not even pursuing and Ron Rice has been involved with ever since he first became active in politics.  It is because of Nia Gill’s candidacy that some progressive organizations who would automatically be endorsing Rice if he were in a one-on-one race with Payne have been forced to stay on the sidelines and do nothing for either candidate.

    The fact of the matter is that Nia Gill’s candidacy has a far greater chance of electing Donald Payne to Congress than it does of electing Nia Gill.  Ron Rice has the grassroots organizing strength as well as the support of important electeds and party leaders that could propel him to victory even in the face of Gill’s divisive decoy of a campaign, but if he doesn’t beat Payne, it won’t be for lack of doing everything that he could have to try to win.  The only reason that he might not win is because of the power of the party establishment and regardless of what happened in 2003, it is possible that in 2012, that includes Nia Gill.

    As far as the fundraising e-mail that Gill sent is concerned, you know as well as I do that the buck stops with the candidate and that, per the PolitickerNJ piece, there was nothing inartful about the language that was used.  It’s point was very clear, to the point, and completely dismissive and disrespectful of Shelley Adler and every other woman running for Congress this year.

    In a fundraising letter sent this week, the Gill campaign asked donors to “ensure that the New Jersey Congressional delegation will include at least one woman.”

    Unless Nia Gill wins, it won’t,” the email sent to prospective donors proclaims.

    While it is good that Gill has expressed regrets about the e-mail, I think that trying to minimize what was done by calling it an error speaks volumes about her and her candidacy and while I am disappointed that you are either unwilling or unable to recognize this, SML Weinberg, my respect for you is such that this disagreement is not nearly significant enough to change my opinion of you.

    I also appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond to what I wrote on its merits rather than with ad hominems about its length or other dismissive and disrespectful artifices that others here use when they cannot be bothered to respectfully debate someone.  You are a model for the adage of being able to disagree without being disagreeable and I thank you for being who you are and doing everything that you do.


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