Wow – Christie REALLY goes after the building trades, and all other unions

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was saying that Christie’s honeymoon with the building trades was coming to an end.

Oh, wait a minute – it’s because it WAS just yesterday! I wasn’t really expecting the other shoe to drop so quickly, but Chris Christie doesn’t waste time, I guess.

And it’s a big shoe. Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. submitted a bill today that would essentially ban unions from making campaign contributions.


And that includes the building trades, because the bill covers project labor agreements, the agreements entered into for big government projects to lay out union involvement from the start.

Not to mention the unions that represent all government workers.

Chris Christie already tried this through Executive Order 7, which absurdly tried to rewrite the pay to pay law without involving the Legislature right after Christie came into office. That was struck down by the courts.

So now he’s trying, through his top spokesperson in the Legislature, to make it so that corporations are people, but unions (who actually do represent people, after all), are not.

Expect to be hearing about this a lot from the Christie SuperPAC world in the coming months.

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