When does the bullshit stop?

(The language may be a little crass, but I don’t find it as offensive as calling an elected assemblywoman “a jerk.” With the Christiecrat wing of the Democratic party taking power in Trenton, are we headed toward one-party government? The only real Democrat in a power position is Senator Loretta Weinberg. Can she single-handedly return the party to its principles? – promoted by deciminyan)

If political perception were reality then one would think that New Jersey is a shining example of economic success.

Just look at the newest television advertisement from the pro-Christie ‘Committee for Our Children’s Future’, which supposedly echoes Ronald Reagan’s cheerful “Morning in America” campaign from his 1984 presidential run. And yet, New Jersey continues to remain in the economic muck. As Bill Orr meticulously documents, instead of propelling New Jersey forward, Christie’s policies have taken the state in the opposite direction.

This comes on top of Christie’s touting his almost successful “bipartisan” tax cut deal. A deal which may come to fruition if the pro-Christie advertising groups have anything to say about it. Yet the Governor once again employs the divide-and-rule tactic to get the same worn out Democrats to fall in line with his policies. This is the antithesis of true bipartisanship. He is playing machine and boss based politics like the crony politician he is, despite his vehement denials.

And so my question is when does the bullshit stop? I wake up every morning demoralized to be a Democrat from New Jersey. I know the majority of my state agrees with my Democratic values, but my party and more specifically my leaders (Sweeney and co.) refuse to step up and fight back. I do not want a fight for the sake of fighting. I am looking for someone to articulate a forward looking vision to get our state economy growing and to stop the posturing that is the basis of the Christienomics. Moreover, I want my party to defend the principles it stands for, regardless of how much the Governor huffs and puffs.

I am tired of bipartisanship meaning Democrats conceding to all the demands of a Republican Governor. I want my values represented in Trenton: fair pay for hard work, respect for public workers, middle class policies instead of tax cuts for the rich, better and better-funded public schools. But all I get from Trenton is more bullshit, more bullshit ads, and bullshit claims of bipartisanship. When does the bullshit stop?

P.S. Apologies if anyone is offended by the word “bullshit,” its my Jersey heritage.

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  1. JCpolitico

    Wait, so all of a sudden Loretta Weinberg is the only real Dem in power even though she had no qualms about making a deal with Sweeney to push Bouno out as Majority Leader. Come on. I just don’t get how South Jersey wields so much power despite having the least population and being essentially the least relevant region of the state. That’s like letting members of congress from Idaho run the country for us.  

  2. True Sue

    make you one powerful woman …..but lets hope it really hasn’t come to this  

  3. JCpolitico

    My comment was non-partisan and more geared towards how South Jersey (Sweeney country) currently wields undue influence over a state where the majority of population and tax dollars come from the Central and Northern portions.

    Also, moderate Democrats and fence-sitting independents can take a hike. As can the faux-gressive’s who run Hudson County and Bergen County’s democratic parties.  


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