What Will Christie Do?

Governor Christie has bragged about his support for small business in New Jersey. One of the ways to ease the burden on small business is to bring down health insurance costs and still allow these businesses to attract employees by making health insurance affordable.

Recently the legislature passed a bill to implement health insurance exchanges in the state. While required by the Affordable Care Act, even if our activist Supreme Court rules against the desires of the American public (a decision is expected next month), the New Jersey act implementing health exchanges will bring down the cost of insurance in our state where 1.3 million people are uninsured, and even more are underinsured.

The governor has until Thursday to sign, veto, or conditionally veto the bill. Will he do the right thing, or will he succumb to his national political ambitions and placate the extreme right wing which has taken control of his party?

This afternoon, a coalition of health care advocates and small business owners held a press conference in Trenton. Two sponsors of the bill, Assemblymen Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton spoke along with a small high-tech business owner and a part-time Rutgers lecturer.

Here’s a link to an interview with Assemblyman Conaway that was recorded last month
. In that interview, he explains the concepts of health insurance exchanges and how they save the state money.

Comments (2)

  1. vmars

    would be to sign it and say that he believes this is the proper thing for a STATE to do … just like his presidential candidate did in his STATE.

    But not the feds!

  2. brendanod

    just like Comptroller Boxer’s report on the shady public sector insurance racket (which ironically is what Hamilton Twp. Mayor Bencivengo is accused of manipulating), Christie will keep his mouth shut on this one.  There are too many powerful interests that stand to lose from the status quo and tinkering with America’s elite,for profit healthcare system would be contradictory to furthering his national right wing political ambitions.


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