What the Frack?

How would you like it if your neighbor dumped the waste from his septic tank into your back yard? Well, that’s what Christie’s Cronies are proposing to let happen in New Jersey, and some legislators are working to prevent this.

Energy companies are promoting the use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, to extract gas and oil from underground deposits. Fracking involves injecting millions of gallons of water laced with proprietary chemicals into the ground to force the gas and oil out. But the broth that is injected into the earth must go somewhere, and that detritus contains carcinogens and radioactive materials.

The New Jersey legislature banned fracking, but the governor issued a conditional veto which only puts a one year moratorium on the practice in the state. However, states like Pennsylvania and Ohio permit the process, and much of the toxic waste liquid is shipped to the Garden State for disposal.

Today, a coalition of 70 environmental and other organizations held a press conference in Trenton in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Connie Wagner and supported by Assemblyman John McKeon and 15 other co-sponsors that would prohibit the transport and storage of fracking waste in the state. No matter how safe the energy companies claim their processes are, this is a human endeavor and involves accidents. We are endangering New Jersey’s drinking water for the enrichment of the energy barons and out-of-state employers.

While tax relief is at the top of the agenda for everyone in Trenton, if we don’t have clean air and water, no amount of tax relief will make New Jersey a pleasant place to live. That message needs to be sent loud and clear to our leaders in Trenton.

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  1. JackHarris

    and the NJ-based disposal of fracking waste is that a bipartisan cross-section of NJ’s leadership spent most of the 80s and 90s fighting to cleanup toxic waste and waste dumps across the state. They also established right to know laws so that communities and first responders would know what they were facing at a warehouse, factory or disposal site.

    And now we’re looking at rolling back thirty years of progress in cleaning up our air and water.

    Pennsylvania doesn’t require disclosure of the fracking “recipes” used in that state and the energy industry is fighting hard against right to know in general for fracking processes.

    Perhaps NJ legislators should take a hard look at our existing right to know laws and aggressively update them where needed as part of this legislation.  

  2. deciminyan (Post author)

    Following the press conference, I spoke with Jeff Tittel of the NJ Sierra Club. You can see that interview here.

  3. The Wizard

    to Christie’s jihad against the people of New Jersey he’ll promote your agenda.  


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